Excellence is the result of always
striving to do better.

Making excellence
a way of life

At Voltas, we have inculcated a culture of excellence. We believe in continual improvement on all our activities in order to exceed expectations of the key stakeholders.
Our quest for excellence is based on the TATA Business Excellence Model (TBEM). With a strong emphasis on visionary leadership, our focus is to maximise profits for our shareholders and extend an unsurpassed commitment to our clients. Careful planning, prudent management of a wisely selected workforce with an unparalleled set of skills, ensure we constantly raise benchmarks.
At the center of our formula for success, lies our commitment to socioeconomic development, energy efficiency, environmental protection and our assurance to improve the overall quality of life.

Excellence is a continual quest at the TATA group and TATA companies are supported in their efforts to achieve world-class standards in all aspects of operations through group-level processes and systems that encourage and enable business excellence.

Business practices that
drive excellence

Our internal Business Improvement Group drives initiatives across the company and assesses the progress of our journey towards business excellence. Their constant interface with TBExG (TATA Business Excellence Group) ensures comprehensive assessment at the company level and deep dive diagnostic assessment at the functional level. The assessments are conducted at periodic intervals by experts from other TATA Group organisations.