Education, Water
and Health

The interventions taken up under Community Development, have emerged out of a rigorous community needs assessment exercise. The community development initiative deals with the issues of Water & Sanitation, Health, Education and Employability Enhancement across 4 locations of Voltas.

These initiatives have been designed to address the issues in the neighbourhood communities of Voltas manufacturing plants and HQ, in the radius of 15 kms. Voltas manages community development projects in the vicinity of four of our plant location. These are at Dadra, Mumbai, Thane & Pantnagar. Project areas include improved agriculture, the institution of quality libraries, technical education, and non-technical skills training for women.

‘My husband and I were finding it very difficult to live just on his meagre earnings. At the Voltas center, I was able to join tailoring classes and learn a new skill that now allows me to provide a better life for my children. I would really like to thank Voltas in this regard.’

Mokshu Chhatre