Mining and Construction

Mining & Construction Equipment Division (M&CE) of Voltas Limited dates its history way back to 1954 when the division was incepted as Earthmoving, Mining and Agricultural machinery (EMA). The post independence era required rapid industrialization in the country and thus reliance on heavy & capital machineries attained utmost significance. This was the period when Voltas Limited was incorporated and during the same period Earthmoving, Mining and Agricultural Machinery (EMA) of Voltas also came into existence.

Voltas M&CE was amongst the 1st Engineering Product & Service companies in India to introduce Earthmoving & Infrastructure Machineries in India in the post Independence era. The product offerings ranged from Rear and Bottom dump trucks, Bulldozer, Electric power shovels, Motor graders, Towed and Self powered scrapers, Draglines, Clamshells, Backhoes, and supporting equipment like Air Compressors, exploratory & blast hole drills by joining hands with some of the global and leading manufacturers of Earth Moving & Mining Machineries in the world.



Smart Engineering

Mining and Construction form the backbone of infrastructural development. This industry operates in extremely severe environments. Our primary goal is to bring increased productivity with lower maintenance costs to our customers while maintaining a sustainable and environmentally friendly operation. We achieve this with a complete focus on Smart Optimisation. This includes making the most advanced technology available. We introduced the first all-wheel electro-mechanical wheel-drive large-class mining loaders in India and helped popularise the concept of electro-mechanical drive-wheel loaders for coal loading based on this technology’s low operating costs. We are synonymous with trust and loyalty as is evident from the various contracts that the Company has been able to renew time and again; not only in India but also internationally.


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